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Thermokipia Kritis A.B.E. has many years of experience in the respective field of constructions. We have done many study designs and we run many industrial and commercial units. We produce and sell our products in Greece and in many countries in Europe.

Advisor Thermokipia Kritis


We offer consulting through our specialized stuff, with many years of experience in constructions.

We are always ready to help our clients.

To construct a Greenhouse we analyze the environmental parameters. Then we decide what kind o construction and equipment is ideal for the best results.

For the construction of buildings we make a study based on the needs of the business. Optionally we can undertake the procedures needed to apply for a building permission.


Our Engineering department can complete anything the client needs. We use state of the art technology for the planning of the projects.

  • Tailored project planning
  • Special study of the project's needs
  • Planning of the needed equipment for Heat, Clima Control, Water management and many more
  • Planning for the installations of the systems needed
Manufacturing Thermokipia Kritis


We have a wide network of teams for the installation of Greenhouses and Buildings. We offer high quality services even for the most demanding projects.

  • Project Management
  • Project Execution
  • Support at installation phase
  • Completed projects ready to be used
  • We offer training for installation
After Sales Thermokipia Kritis


Our relationship with our clients is very important so we can understand better their needs and offer the best possible solutions.

When a project is completed we are striving to make sure our client is satisfied.

  • Technical Help
  • Maintenance Services


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We have a Quality Control System according to EN ISO 9001 : 2015