It is a modern building method. It combines cross-sections of steel with reinforced concrete.

The combination offers the best of both worlds.

Multi-Material buildings and the way they are built has many advantages over the prebuilt houses.

There is a greater flexibility in design and the earthquake resistance is better.

Stiltings and metal bars are constructed with steel cross-sections that offer great protection from earthquakes.

The buildings are of great quality because every part is an industrial product following the latest safety rules.

Architects can design freely on this type of buildings. Big continuous spaces are possible without the need of support. This something prebuilt houses cannot achieve.

it is ideal for big buildings construction , without the need to use big metal bars.

it is easy to expand vertically.

Delivery time is about the half of a normal construct.

The costs to be paid on social security for the workers (I.K.A.) are also 50% lower.

Foundations cost is also lower because of the lightness of the materials.

Muti-Material buildings are recommended in places where earthquakes are common. They offer a great level of protection.

There are no transport costs. Metal construction is built on site.

There is no need to spend money and time on bigger foundations for the building.

Easy Repairs

Low disassembly costs

Best possible sound and thermal insulation.

Industrial procedures following quality standards provide the best possible outcome for your project.


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