Hydroponics is an agriculture technic focusing on growing plants above the ground, on passive underlay. All the nutritions needed by the plants are provided by water solutions.

All Hydroponics systems belong in two groups. Closed, where the water solutions are recycled and Open, where the remaining solutions are going into the ground.

Sometimes they do not have an underlay. It depends on the agriculture type.

With Hydroponics we can control the growing conditions , the nutritions and the moisture around the root. The passive underlay helps to avoid bad microorganisms and other hostile entities.

The lack of threats means that we avoid using pesticides.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when we build an Hydroponic system:

The kind of the underlay (mineral wool, perlite, pumice, coconut tree) or the lack of it (NFT, floating, ebb & flow)

Choose of Hydroponic Head

Production of water solution

Transport and application of the water solution

Gathering of the water solution


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