Heating is a major concern for Greenhouses and for other industries, like workshops, plantations and breeding complexes.

To acquire and operate a heating system is expensive. Therefore any mistakes at installation or a bad designed system can be detrimental.

Sun lighting is a major contributor but a heating system is required to achieve better results.


Carbon, gas and oil are the most common sources of energy used for Heating. We choose which one to use considering the savings we can achieve.

The heating systems differentiate according to:

The source of the heating.

The system used for producing the heat (e.g. boiler or burner).

Hot air's distribution system.


Cooling panels:

Our Cooling system utilizes panels and blowers. It is considered to be among the best solutions , in cost and efficiency. We recommend it in agriculture and poultry farming.

For both cases , environmental temperature must be between 25-30°C and humidity 50-75%.

Independent studies shows that a system like this , during the warm days of summer can achieve a steady temperature of 30°C.

The system's parts are the cooling panels, the blowers , water recycle and the central processing unit.

Air is coming through the cold panels, vaporizing the moisture that seats in the honeycomb structure. As a result cold air enters and the hot is removed by the fans.



As the name suggests they keep the air in circulation keeping moisture, temperature and carbon dioxide in the desired level.

Keeping the air "fresh" also helps to keep plants free of some parasites and in the growing procedure.



High pressure misting , fills the air with small droplets of water. They evaporate in the hot air keeping temperature low.

Low pressure misting works the same way. The difference is that the water droplets in the air are bigger creating more moisture.

It is used mainly in plants with leafs and fruits that can withstand the moisture.


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