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Sariklakis Group
Our family Group of businesses started in the year 1970 in the department of tourism and agriculture. We created one of the first family friendly hospitality businesses, which was revolutionary in the 70s.
Next the company organized and formalized the industrial construction of parts, as well as fully developed Greenhouses.

Through modernization and improvement of the Greenhouses for flowers and fresh vegetables, Sariklakis Group expanded and finished many projects through the country.

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    At the same time the company was one of the first to make and import pioneering materials, fertilizers, irrigation equipment and new ways to grow plants. We cooperated mainly with firms from Holland and from North Europe.

    The rapid growth of the Greenhouses and high demand of fresh vegetables from the European countries, especially from Germany, led to creation of the export department of the Group. Created a new and pioneering sorting facility , that packaged fresh Greek fruits and vegetables to be sold through Europe. Many honorable awards and many successes came after that.

    Many more followed our example and created more export companies. Our group in cooperation with our partners provided the industrial equipment needed. We managed to complete many projects through out the country. The future was even better with huge growth in Constructions and Specialized machinery for agriculture.

    At the same time Tourism was growing fast. Our group created the Sun In Hotels. As lovers of history and local tradition we chose hotel names from the greek history. We constructed a revolutionary Minoan Prince Hotel & Bungalows. After that we created the Tylissos beach Resort Hotel. We managed to collect many prizes for those efforts.

    Sariklakis Group also is in the forefront of industrial machinery, we do architectural studies, built software and we have a wide network to sell our products. Now in the hands of our second generation in the family , we are looking forward full of hope. We will move into the future with better quality products and services.

Thermokipia Kritis ABE
Through many years of steady growth we managed to be in front in the department of Greenhouses and high quality Metal construction projects.
Through the years the company created three autonomous business units:

  • Metal Constructions.
  • Greenhouse construction unit.
  • Dealing of wood, steel and industrial equipment unit.
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    We managed to be in front of the Construction sector. With many strengths Thermokipia Kritis A.B.E. expanded through research and development in the Greenhouse equipment department with modern control systems for all the steps of the producers procedure. We moved forward in Metal constructions also, with dedicated assembly lines.

    The main reasons for our success are the quality, the trust our clients show to us and our credibility. Those principles are in every project we create and in our relationships with clients, partners and stuff. With carefully planned steps and with highly specialized stuff we managed to be in forefront.

    Thermokipia Kritis A.B.E. has excellent industrial complexes and people. Highly trained engineers , workers with many years of experience and a management team with passion. We strive to keep the same team always , giving confidence to our stuff, making them better.

    As part of the Sariklakis Family Group, we have our offices and the majority of the production line in Ierapetra. We have a complex of 2.000 m². If we count all the facilities we expand in 18000 m² for all our facilities. Extra business Units for storage and Steel manufacturing are in Heraklion Crete.

    Our advantages as a company are the following:

    • Quality of products and services
    • Fast time schedules from start to finish
    • Many years of experience
    • Competitive pricing
    • Legal an technical support

We wait to hear from you

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"Great Results"

Filiatra Agriculture Association

They done a great job building our GreenHouse.

My demands where met and the result was better that expected.

We had great support through our project.

I recommend them for sure.

"Simply exceptional!"

Natsos Farm

I always had a greta cooperation with Thermokipia Kritis.

I had many difficult projects but every time the managed to deliver. The final result was exceptional.

I recommend them for sure.

"You can trust them!"

Promitheftiki Metallon AE

You will find partners there that will always consider your needs.

They managed in a tight time schedule , to complete the research needed for our project and deliver it on time.

"Maybe the best"

Sifakis Flowers
One of the best companies in the field, if not the best, with experienced stuff ready to solve any problem fast and effectively .

"Fast Support"

Agriculture Cooperations Union of Ierapetra
Fast support and response whenever problems arise in a project.

"Technical Brilliance"

Xaralampakis Nikos, Farmer
Experience combined with technical brilliance that is hard to find in even bigger companies.