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Fogging System | Super Fog

Automatic Fogging System

A new high-tech sprayer that manages to provide new dimension in combating plant diseases. The Super Fog is designed and produced by Thermokipia Kritis S.A. All materials used during manufacturing are of high quality and approved by the International Organisation for Standartisation before assembly, guarantee high performance and reliability of the system.

By the aid of a carefully designed gasification spray solution, Super Fog uniformly covers over the range of the plant, from the trunk up to the leaves. At the same time reduces the amount of pesticide and water used. Now, every producer needs 50% less pesticide and only 2 kg / ha water. The outcome is a uniform distribution of infiltration that effectively addresses all the diseases of plants not only by the most economical way but also by the ideal dehumidification conditions.

The electronic control panel of Super Fog programs the spraying in order to run automatically in the desired time by the desired quantity. This way a producer can save time and reduce cost. At the same time, the soil is not polluted from pesticide residues since the maintenance of the machine is automated so that it is ready for next use. The Super Fog is manufactured in 5 types, depending on the coverage of the spraying area, by 1000 m² up to 15000 m².

Fogging system operations


Cover Area: 1.000 μ² έως 15.000 μ²

Super Fog