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Evaluation and Consulting Services

Intensive and multiannual specialization of Thermokipia Kritis S.A. executives are able to assist on issues deal with financial aid, public or European development programs and project management to every candidate willing to enter or expand his business. Prerequisite for participation in various funding programs is to fill a number of eligibility criteria that are associated with factors such as:-The financial picture of the company.-The life of the company.-The immediate and wider needs of the enterprise at a time horizon of at least 3 years. -The integrated nature of the investments it wants to implement in the context of financial programs.-The impact of the involvement of business in this financial plan, whether related to the financial condition, expanding business of, development and growth of products and services, given the wider Greek, European and mainstream business.

Customised Products
Light Construction
Since not every project is the same, a vast majority of the company's produced equipment are fully customized in order to fit all requirements. In addition, due to the environmental and geographical differentiation of agricultural demanding areas around the world, all greenhouse types are fully customized to the minor detail so as to provide the optimum production levels.

Research and Development
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Scientifically trained personnel aim to investigate new technologies and innovation to all sectors of the organization. Aimed at technological improvement of products for the benefit of the environment, customer and product development in order to increase productivity and improve life quality of farmers.

Research and development is one of the major activities of Thermokipia Kritis S.A., because in this way continuous monitoring of technological developments is greatly achieved, product updates is enabled and innovative solutions and customer services is effectively provided.

The Research and Development Department is active in various areas of IT and industrial and agricultural equipment. Products already well-established on the market, integrated programs (software) for raw materials of iron and wood consumables, 2D and 3D ground plans design, and parallel distribution of materials on the plan (BoM on CAD). Moreover, the company has developed innovative systems, automatic spray arms (Super Fog innovation), vegetables and flowers / plants transmission system tablets. In recent years the company has also shown great cooperation with industries and industrial equipment of the agricultural sector. As a result of that are the introduction of innovative panels overlay (SariBond panels), and the economical manual gearbox for side and roof windows for greenhouses (KanKit).
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