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ISO 9001:2008

"...ISO is an international union for standardization which consists of stewards from the international standardized unions...."

“...the ISO 9001:2000 standard prescribes the general requirements for the constitution of the Quality Operating System for a firm and focuses on the detection of the fermentation of the firm's QOS as well as on the methodology which is necessary for the firm's evaluation concerning the operation of quality as far as the services and the products are concerned....”


Quality Policy Objectivess

The quality policy objectives, as determined by the analysis of the crucial for the quality factors and their sequence, are the above:

The provision of raw material
It concerns a very important fermentation for the secureness of the prescribed quality level. The firm has carried out a first evaluation of its suppliers based on their past collaboration. Furthermore, self-evaluation questionnaires have been sent to all the suppliers of the firm for their further evaluation.

The formation of working drawings for all the greenhouse fitments
The firm sets as a basic goal the creation of working drawings for all the greenhouse fitments within a year. For the construction of greenhouses, working standards have been set.

Personnel efficiency
Personnel efficiency stands very crucial for the achievement of the quality level which is set.

Personnel education

The firm's target is the provision of interfirm training for the personnel for at least 10 hours per worker every 3 months. Twenty per cent of the training hours concerns quality standard issues. This percentage cannot be less than 10 hours per worker annually.

For the accomplishment of the above goals, the firm conducts a survey annually by sending evaluation questionnaires to all its clients (either to the final consumers or to the intermediary stores). A particular questionnaire has already been formed for the final consumers. Additionally, the examination of these questionnaires is carried out as fast and as careful as possible (the evaluation is being conducted within a month).

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