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Complete Constructions


Thermokipia Kritis S.A. offers synchronous greenhouse structures suitable for a diverse range of climate conditions and individual requirements. All structures are designed according to Greek and European standards by specialized engineers. All materials and equipments comply with quality management system certification ISO 9000:2000.

Construction and erection

The company is responsible on the construction and erection of the whole project from initial marking of the land to final completion that would initiate the starting of the greenhouse business.

Preconstruction study

Avant-garde topographical studies (through Hilti measuring equipment technologies) and design implementation through the latest Cad software assist on the optimum final design of the project. Dedicated personnel assume responsibility on each project aiming to assist and advice on every detail regarding the design, financial and technical matter.

Support along the way

In order to optimize investment and future growth Thermokipia Kritis S.A. is able to assist its customers in advising them along the way providing complementary business greenhouse plans. Moreover, due to a more than 30 years experience and technical know-how, Thermokipia Kritis S.A. aims to comprehensively serve its customers throughout all the stages of the greenhouse completion progress up to post-harvest issues.

General characteristics and loads

Wind loads emerges from the wind speed of U = 120km/hr. Given the total height of the greenhouse Η = 4,69m < 8,00m, the pressure derived is W = 0,50kn/m² vertical surface. Given the covering of the surface by PE and Η = 4,69m.
  • Wind: W = 0.80*0.50 = 0.40kn/m² vertical surface
  • Plants: qpl = 0.15kn/ m²
  • Self-weight: steel cross sections, steel connectors, PE, g = 0.08kn/ m²
  • Snow: qs = 0.25kn/ m² (horizontal surface projection)

  • Control and design of the greenhouse body takes place by:
  • ΕΑΚ 2003 (ductility)
  • ΕΚΩΣ 2000 (casing concrete elements)
  • Eurocode 3 (steel elements)

  • Materials:
  • Hot dipped galvanised cross sections S235
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel tubes S235
  • Hot dipped galvanised plates S235

  • Steel S235:
  • Yield strength fy=23.5 kn/ m²
  • Tension capacity fu=36.0 kn/ m²
  • Screws M8 and M10 ( 8.8 quality)
  • Concrete C20/25

Impregnated Wood

Thermokipia Kritis S.A. offers impregnated wood in every wooden part of greenhouses. The wood is impregnated with the vacuum-pressure method using salt imralit CKB that ensures full biological and psysico-chemical protection.

  • Θερμοκήπιο κουρτίνες Thermokipia Kritis S.A.
    SGH 5M trus
  • Πλαινος αερισμος Thermokipia Kritis S.A.
    Side Ventilation
  • Αερισμος οροφης θερμοκηπιου Thermokipia Kritis S.A.
    Roof Ventilation
  • Θερμοκήπιο 5,00μ ψαλίδι Thermokipia Kritis S.A.
  • Αερισμός οροφής θερμοκηπίου Thermokipia Kritis S.A.
  • Θερμοκηπιο Κουρτινες Thermokipia Kritis S.A.
    Shading Screens
  • Αερισμος Οροφης Θερμοκηπιου Thermokipia Kritis S.A.
    Roof Ventilation
  • Φυτο θερμοκηπιου Thermokipia Kritis S.A.
  • ... Thermokipia Kritis S.A.

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