Wood Impregnation

Using advanced technology and strict quality controls, Thermokipia Kritis S.A. offers impregnated wood in several construction applications such as:

  • Greenhouses
  • Pergolas
  • Fencing
  • Bridges

Timber, like any living organisms, has enemies. The most important are fungi - Septic and pigments -, microorganisms and many species of insects, which evolve on water and by humidity. Using aqueous soaking method, the wood's strength and durability for every type of timber is achieved, and the active ingredients act together to form compounds that make them insoluble in water. This way, the entry of organisms inside the walls of the wood is prevented to the greatest degree.

The method is accomplished by the vacuum-pressure impregnation using salt impralit CKB (liberated from chromium and arsenic), approved by the German State (Art-Nr.: W7632020040), that ensure the full biological and physico-chemical wood protection.

In summary, the impregnation process simply described in 5 stages:

Before After
  1. Discharge air for opening the timber resource.
  2. Cylinder filling with the CKB solution
  3. Pressure stage, until the total absorption of the solution within the wood is completed.
  4. Discharge cylinder solution.
  5. Discharge air so as to absorb wood preservatives.

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