Project presentation

Architects and the design team of the company are capable of presenting the project in 3d by using the latest design software. That gives the customer the opportunity and the advantage of having a complete picture of the project, before it even started.
Strucad Design
In combination with the analysis and the design of the structure, Saristeel got the advantage of undertaking and completing the project always according to the client budget and time.

Static Analysis
Consideration, Design, Manufacture

Strucad Design Advadages
The off site prefabrication increases speed, quality and safety in construction. Predictability of cost and schedule is also improved. The profit earned just by the speed factor in construction compared to concrete is calculated to reduce 2-3% of the total cost of the building.

Speed - Quality - Economy
Structural engineers, specialized in steel and composite structures, and with the latest Finite Element software as their tools, provide structural analysis and design.

Our main aim is reliability and functionality.

Strucad Image Multiple CNC lines, completely automated, are used for the process of the steel structural members.
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