Project presentation

Architects and the design team of the company are capable of presenting the project in 3d by using the latest design software. That gives the customer the opportunity and the advantage of having a complete picture of the project, before it even started.

In combination with the analysis and the design of the structure, Saristeel got the advantage of undertaking and completing the project always according to the client budget and time.
Strucad Design Design and Construction of steel and composite buildings. The engineering department of the company is always available to provide support and solutions, beforehand and while the project is in the process of construction.

Strucad Design Turn Key Projects
Thermokipia Kritis S.A., offers the option of the "Turn key". From the initial drawings and design, to the construction, Saristeel is able to deliver your project within cost and time that the client requires.

Strucad Design Structural design and analysis.
Structural engineers, specialized in steel and composite structures, and with the latest Finite Element software as their tools, provide structural analysis and design.

Strucad Design Industrial Building equipment
Design, analysis and construction of equipment of industrial buildings such us crowns, industrial doors and steel selves for logistic and more.

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