Quality of construction and control

The construction of steel projects is a procedure which requires not only the cooperation of services and all the personnel (administrative staff, technicians, workers) but mechanical equipment as well. The construction of the project should literally follow the approved study and the existing technical specifications in order to ensure the artistic of each project and to correspond to the existing requirements.

It is very important that the quality of the project, concerning either the operation or the construction, should in any case be ensured in order to successfully finish the project, to ensure the safety of its operation and to achieve the minimum operating and maintenance cost. In principle, there are three parameters which are of great importance in the construction procedure; these are the quality, the timing and the cost. These three parameters should be in equilibrium as these three parameters are interdependent. However, the quality of the construction is the parameter which has the greater impact in the long run and is of greater importance.

Every project which is undertaken from Thermokipia Kritis S.A. is constructed and controlled entirely from the company and the approved external partners of the firm. Every construction from the beginning to the final installation is going through a very strict and efficient procedure following the highest standards of quality. The whole procedure is supervised from the specialized personnel of the company in cooperation with the clients, the suppliers and the external partners in order to ensure the highest quality and the client's satisfaction.

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