Mobile Cabins

The main frame of the structure is composed of square hollow steel sections. To achieve maximum protection of the frame due to fire and corrosion, the frame is firstly treated with a special paint called primer and secondly another high quality industrial paint is applied as final touch. The external and internal wall systems are composed by panels 40mm thick.

External and internal doors can either be made of panels 40mm thick, or aluminum profiles witch provide a wide range of colors and designs. Choice of single or doubled glazed windows is provided, along with options for blinds and security grills. The floor is consisted of either strong plywood or MDF. There is also an option of using PVC of different designs under special order. Electrical an hydraulic installations are not required, as they are pre-installed on the factory according to the design needs.

Prefabicated Portable Cabins
Strucad DesignPrefabricated containers houses are constructed in a wide range of dimensions and interior design. Easily deliverable on site, and with the need of just a concrete slab as foundation underneath, they provide an excellent and useful solution for plenty of uses such as offices on construction sites, temporary warehouses, second houses and others.

All the cabins are analyzed and designed by engineers and according to Euro code. In addition, every each one of them is tested for water licking.